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Whole Cakes

Our whole cakes are perfect for celebratory occasions. However, if you are just craving for some yummy dessert, our cakes are perfect too as they are baked with reduced sweetness.

We are able to customize wordings for certain range of our whole cakes. Just indicate it in your order when you order online.


Carrot Cake

$45 (6-inch), $65 (8-inch)

A dense yet moist sponge that is balanced with our favorite dual cream frosting. Definitely a crowd pleaser! 



Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake

$45 (6-inch), $65 (8-inch)

A rich, dark and fudgy, but not overly sweet cake made with premium Belgium dark chocolate. 



Thai Milk Tea Ganache Cake

$45 (6-inch), $65 (8-inch)

A reduced sweetness, light and fragrant Thai Milk Tea buttercream cake that is drizzled beautifully with ganache.


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