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About 艺 Yie Bakes

Fueled by the owner's passion in baking after completing her Diploma in Pâtisserie,艺 Yie Bakes is started as a gourmet bakehouse in SG that crafts all our bakes with love. 

We believe in serving you the best quality bakes that uses premium and quality ingredients. It will be a luxurious and heavenly experience when you try our crafted bakes.

Note: our bakes are non-halal certified.

Introducing The Baker

Baking started as a hobby for Lilian and she took a leap of faith to pursue this hobby. Fast forward to today, her love and passion grew stronger even after obtaining her Diploma in Patisserie.

She started Yie Bakes to introduce her gourmet bakes to the world. Our menu was created through lots of research to have products that tastes as good as it looks.

With a love and passion for baking, Lilian is constantly on the lookout for better and premium quality ingredients for her customers. 

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