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Signature Superfood Bakes

Purple sweet potatoes and taro are not only packed with antioxidants, but they're also super delicious.

We wish to mix the benefits of eating superfoods by adding them to our desserts! We are also constantly researching on other superfoods that we can develop new recipes with.


(Purple Sweet Potato)
Beni-Imo Tarts

$25 (Box of 6)

Our signature tarts are layered with luxurious cream, then topped with a swirl of purple sweet potato paste made from scratch.

Size: 10cm x 6cm


Taro Brûlée
New York Cheesecake

$48 (6-inch), $68 (8-inch)

Our twist on New York Cheesecake with Taro and Brûlée will definitely

steal your heart!

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